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Sylphon Type Steam Trap
 Sylphon Type Steam Trap   
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Structural characteristics
1.Excellent exhaust ability, overheat steam and water hammer resistant.
2.Loop operation for fixing overcold is available within pressure limit.
3.Sylphons are installed in the valve, e.g. in single set, double sets and multiple sets, applicable for the occasion of great displacement.
4.Temperature-sensing element is of strong anticorrosion to make the valve durable.
5.The valve body is assorted into 2 kinds, e. g. carbon steel and stainless steel, with light weight. It’s best to install the valve vertically, and installation in any angle is available.

Main Application
Sylphon drain valve is widely used in heating steam main pipeline, thermal pipeline, drier and industrial heating steam equipment system and the ideal choice.

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