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Forged Steel Valve
 Forged Steel Gate Valve   
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Design Standard
1.Steel gate valves:API 602
2.Steel valves:ASME B 16.34
3.Face to face manufacturer standard
4.Face to face ,flanged:ASME B16.10
5.End flanges:Butt welding ends:ASME B16.25
6.Socket-welding ends:ASME B16.11
7.Screwed ends:ASME B1.20.1
8.Inspection and test:API 598

1.Outside screw and yoke(OS&Y)
2.Bolted bonnet
3.Choice of WB,Welding bonnet
4.Single wedge,fully guided
5.Renewable seat rings
6.Yoke integral with bonnet
7.Rising stem and non-rising handwheel
8.SW,Screwed-welding ends
9.SC,Screwed ends
10.BW,Butt welding ends
11.Flanged ends

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